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Considering purchasing a new or used boat for the family great the hunt begins for that perfect boat.

Take your time and consider all your options available after all half the fun of purchasing a boat is finding the right one to suit you and the family’s needs.  No two boats are the same as every boat is optioned differently and performs differently. My suggestion is to  find some you like and can trust and offer you good reasonable advice when it comes to purchasing a boat find a mechanic you can trust and one that’s not just hunting for work.

So Finally you have  found  that perfect boat for you and the family (OR HAVE YOU) you place and offer and its accepted  subject to mechanical inspections, Hull inspections and Sea Trials.

What’s next to find a Marine Mechanic and or Repair who knows what there doing who can actually give you a fair and good understanding of the true actual condition of the boat its not just about the engine after all your purchasing a complete vessel.

I Highly recommend not to  skimp on inspections normally the cheaper some one is offering the less services or inspections are carried out. Depending on the type of vessel you are purchasing you want the pre -purchase inspection to be very thorough. Most marine Repairers hourly rates vary from $132 – $250 per hour so what are you actually  getting for someone advertising $350.00 for a pre purchase inspection is the vessel going to be completely inspected or just the engine.   Yes the engine is very important but what about the rest of the vessel. Do you know what condition the rest of the vessel is in is it sea worthy and safe? What about the Safety equipment is it in date and serviceable,    What about the trailer it may be sitting on is it roadworthy?  Is the trailer the correct tare weight for the vessel that its Traveling on.  Sea Renity Marine carried out a Pre purchase inspection on a 92Ft Montifino to find over 1/2 a Million dollars in repairs needing carrying out with a cost of inspection of nearly 10k, the vessel was re-negotiated down by the potential purchaser to cover the majority of these cost and well truly covered the cost of inspections with very thankful purchasers. That we were so diligent with our inspections.

When getting  a pre purchase vessel inspection carried out properly you should end up with a full report with photos of any areas that may require urgent attention and any  minor repairs noted. These reports if done correctly by a reputable company can be used for insurance purpose should something go wrong down the track and for insuring vessels upon purchase also.

A pre purchase boat inspection regardless of cost should save you money if done correctly as in most cases the original offer will be negotiated for any major repairs be carried out by the current owner  or a further reduction in purchase price considered so the potential purchaser can carry out repairs.

We have seen it time and time again we people haven’t had pre purchase inspections carried out or have but have only had motors inspected and have cost themselves 10k -20k dollars nearly instantly after the first trip out on the water.  Don’t get caught out after all its a a large investment.

Sea Renity marine take pride in all we do and we provide photos and full reports of areas that may be of concern,  a Visual inspection in alot of cases is ok, However what about what is lurking under items you cannot see such as manifolds and risers on a inboard petrol’s its impossible to determine the condition of these with out removing the risers, internal shutter valves, Gearbox universal joints bellows boots.

Underfloor fuel tanks, water tanks, Fuel lines much much more.

We have an extensive list of items we inspect on vessels please contact us to discuss and even ask for a copy of one of our old reports.

Please see some images of vaults found on vessels previous inspected below.


Images of Faults found on previous inspections.

Wheel Bearings faulty and wheel bearings on backwards

Water incursion to guages

Anchor rope eye needs replacing

Broken end of exhaust riser

End of Mer-cruiser riser broken off and lodged in exhaust tube

Major internal front hull damage

Very low cylinder compressions

Mercruiser water distribution assembly leaking

Manifold and Risers Gaskets Leaking

Cylinder head failure due to faulty Manifolds

Freshwater Pressure Pump Leaking

Fibreglass fuel tank split leaking into lower hull

Leaking bow rails caused internal water damage to interior cabin

Damage to front lower bow section of hull with stress fractures

Fishing wire wrapped around rear of prop causing seal damage and oil leak

Seized sea cock with fibreglass damage and no bonding wires causing damage.

Failed exhaust shutters can cause total engine failure

Failed engine mounts with extreme rust

Corroded and seized Anchor winch motor

Damaged side walls to boat trailer

Damaged trailer rollers upon inspection

Sink Drain hose has holes and leaking

Damaged Upholstery

Hydraulic steering nuts broken and leaking

Damaged stainless steel railing to Marlin Board

Damage to Lower Keel

Damage to Privacy screen

Propeller Blade Damage

Canopy tube fitting Damage

Gear box lower seal failure

Crushed and Damaged Fuel Line

Damage to outboard engine cowling