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When buying a boat there is a lot to think about!

Don’t worry, your boat and marine needs in Perth are catered for. Whatever your requirements, we have the experience and the attitude to listen to your situation and find out what will work for you.

At Sea Renity Marine we want to partner with you and ensure you walk (or drive) away a very happy boat owner. Please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you today!

For all your boat brokerage, service, and general enquiries please contact us by phone or email.

Matthew Pearce
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E: sales@searenitymarine.com.au
Alternatively you can get in touch through our Sea Renity Marine Facebook page.

Looking to buy your boat?
Purchasing a boat is ‘kind of a big deal’. And in Perth and WA the opportunity to own and use a boat really is part of the fabulous West Coast lifestyle available out there on the water. You can have a great time whether it’s out to sea, up the river, or simply enjoying the coastal marina life.

If you’re thinking about it, you need to have a conversation with people who love boating and know that deal inside out. You need to speak with Perth’s premium dealer. At Sea Renity Marine we understand that the first question you need to ask is:

What kind of boating am I looking to enjoy?
This is a big question. It revolves around what you actually want to get out of using a boat and where that is going to fit into your current lifestyle. Boats are specialised for different uses, so to get the most out of your purchase you want to think about how you’ll enjoy that beautiful water.

Is this purely for entertaining friends and family? Is it a ‘second apartment’ moored in a pen for weekend solitude? Are you looking for an active vehicle to get you out on the deeper water to find that fish? Will you need some power to pull a wakeboard? Is the boat staying at a mooring or are you hauling it home on a trailer?

If it’s simply an issue of finances, then rest assured keeping a boat can fit all kinds of budget. And there are different ways to keep it that impact what it costs.
For example, using a trailer saves you cash on pen fees and winterising. Further, having your boat sitting in the water means you can jump right out on the water in no time.

Do I opt for brand new or used?
Don’t forget that beyond the option of a brand new vessel, there is always the chance to purchase a used boat. At Sea Renity Marine we broker sales of what we prefer to think of as lovingly maintained, pre-owned vessels. The reason why is that you’ll see how amazing the upkeep and maintenance has been on these beauties. Together with the functional durability in the way modern boats are fabricated, you can feel like you purchased something close to brand new.
And of course, opting for a pre-owned boat will mean significant savings. In addition, you will likely find vessels with lots of interesting upgrades, equipment, and styling that you simply won’t find in a new model straight off the production line.

What are my options?
Well, it’s easy to start by having a look at what’s available here at Sea Renity Marine. Check out our Boats for Sale section and see if there’s anything in your taste range.

Be warned though: if you see a particular boat you’re keen on you may need to act fast.

WA and Perth is a hot market, and there’s always plenty of activity in marine sales. This is why we specialise in getting boats sold and off the market to very happy buyers often days from their initial listing.

Read our descriptions and make a comparison between the listing highlights. From there, you can give us a call or shoot us an email to arrange a time to make some inspections. If the boat you’re looking for is unavailable then we can always find alternative options or advise you when something suitable hits the market again.

Need to arrange an inspection?
Your most advisable option is, of course, to visit us and see for yourself. This is truly an important part of the process as it lets you understand what you really want, and what you thought you wanted but perhaps might not!

Descriptions and photos or video help. But getting a real feel for standing on deck is what’s going to make you understand what you’re actually searching for.

In terms of the inspection itself, we are on hand to provide the expert advice you need to ensure you’re looking at everything the right way. We have a walk around to check the quality of all aspects. We will also thoroughly check the fundamental operating effectiveness of the engine and mechanics to ensure everything is totally seaworthy.

Any relevant works can be proven with full receipts so you know exactly where the boat stands without any hidden mechanical surprises.

If you’re serious then we can also arrange a sea trial to corroborate the performance. We will follow up with any further requirements such as a boat hauling to ensure everything below is ship shape just as everything above.

And of course, we can fully advise on any related regulations you may need to consider if you wish to move the boat to another location, find permits, or locate mooring pens. We can even set up a regular ongoing maintenance schedule to your boat’s preventative health.

Selling your boat?
Equally, if you’re looking to put your boat on the market then don’t rush into it! At Sea Renity Marine we pride ourselves on providing the most professional advice and service in terms of how to correctly prepare your boat for a truly successful listing.

Don’t cut corners, come have a chat with us about how to make your potential sale into an attractive, reliable, and solid deal. Our team will work with you to get the price you’re looking for and save you from losing money in a rushed deal.

Matthew Pearce
0488 026 244